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Are you feeling lost and and unsure of the Authenticity of your American Accent?

It’s Time To Feel Prepared To Take On More American Accent Roles

An Authentic American Accent is your rite of passage.

Fully understanding what to do, where to go and how to sound can be frustrating.

I know you’re ready to see your name in lights and become a household name.

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The 6 Week Transformation Program

This program is designed to take you through the steps of the many facets of the American accent.

No matter if you are a beginner or a seasoned pro, taking an in depth look at the accent can dramatically change the way you communicate.

You are never on your own and stranded in the deep end. The purpose of this program is to give you the tools, steps and confidence you need to take on the world.

Week 1 – Culture / Demographics

Who are we on the surface? What are the identifying factors that put us all into boxes?

When outsiders are looking at your or your character, what do they see? How does this affect the accent/ dialect?

We will dig deep into identifying all of the Demographics that make up your Authentic American Accent.

Accent Audit #1

Week 2 – Mindset

Who is your character at their core? What makes them different than those around them? What is their driving force?

We will dive into the emotions and personality style that makes up the desired accent and dialect.

Week 3 – Sounds

Words are just a series of sounds. But understanding the exact sounds of your character will make or break your performance.

We will take a step by step look at the sounds necessary for your accent and pin point the exact dialect that makes sense for your character.

We will look at the core sounds of an Authentic American Accent and what adjustments must be made. .

Accent Audit #2

Week 4 – Facial Expressions/ Body Language

What kind of swagger does your character have? Our body language plays a huge role in how we communicate. What makes sense for you or your character?

Standing, sitting, even using a knife and fork are unique and can get you deeper into the mind of our character.

Week 5 – Dialect focus

Once you have all of the previous steps, now we can focus deeper into the specific regional dialect.

Using your own reference materials we can expand on the character and really bring them to life.

Week 6 – Palate Cleanser

Catching yourself before mistakes happen is so important for Authenticity.

This process is designed to tether you to yourself and your character. This can be used for your own authenticity or any future character.

Accent Audit #3

The 3 Pillars of Authenticity
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The 3 Pillars of Accent Authenticity

Authentic Accents can be broken down into 3 parts. You cannot have one without the other and sound authentic to the character.

  1. Demographics
    Identifying who we are on the surface is the first step to authenticity. Our accents are verbal nametags. Age, Gender, Region, Economic Status, etc. These are all the things others can see about us whether they are within our control or not.
  2. Mindset
    Understanding who we are at our core is the next step. Portraying an authentic American means you must think like an American. Culture makes up a lot of who we are and how we communicate as well as our environment
  3. Sound
    Discover the exact dialect, rhythm and tone for your character. Do you have the right swagger to create the correct rhythm? When the first 2 pillars are clearly defined, the sound naturally wants to follow.

You are never alone in the Authentic Accent Method

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1:1 Support

Weekly meetings to discuss the assignment for the week. Ask questions and receive immediate support.

Everyone is unique so this is a time to share your unique perspective of the character and dialect.

Plus, you will receive 3 Accent Audits with the program

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Practice Exercises

Receive weekly practice exercises in the form of worksheets & assignments, to help you improve your skills and build confidence in your accent.

These exercises are designed to strengthen your ability to get into the mindset and rhythm of your character.

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The Authentic Accent App

This Web and Mobile based App is designed for the busy actors. Access training videos, resource materials and so much more.

Join the community of like minded actors for additional support.

Interested in learning more about the Method?

I would love to chat with you about the details and see if the Method is the right fit for you. You can schedule a Free Deep Dive chat to learn more.

Client Testimonial

I began working with Gracia early October 2021 when I required help with refining my American accent for a really important casting I had coming up. Working with Gracia was an amazing and eye opening experience, she was able to help me develop my American accent by first thinking about character, movement, and body. Primarily her approach was placing importance on the general ‘vibe’ and feeling of what it means to Be an American in terms of culture. This really helped me, in terms of remembering that accent was only one part of the equation. I ended up auditioning and getting a recall and I have Gracia to thank for this!

Stephen Stallone Thomas

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How does this program work?

This is a 6 step program that will guide you through the American Accent and necessary dialect. Each week we will meet to discuss the topic for the day and dive deep into the lesson to ensure you have total understanding of the topic.

I’m an actor, how can this program help me?

Being prepared is the most important thing for any profession. Acting is no different. This program is designed to keep you ready at all times for upcoming acting roles or to keep you at the top of your game while on assignment.

How many accents will I learn in this training?

This program is designed to assist with General American, General Southern, General Black, and General New England. Any specific dialects can be discussed in further detail.

Who is this program for?

This program is designed specifically for Non American Actors who are working on their American accents and have clear goals to enter into the American film industry or take on more American accent roles in their home county.

I have never attempted an American accent before, will this help me?

Absolutely! You will learn all of the secrets to producing a very authentic American sound. This program will show you how to identify your own Authentic American accent as well as Character Development.