Authentic American Accent

Gracia Burns

The best Authentic American Accent Tip I can give you is to Focus on the Sound and not the Word!

If you’ve ever told yourself “this accent is too hard”, there is a chance you are missing many key pieces to the puzzle.

There is so much more to learning an Authentic American Accent than repeating a few words and phrases.

Authenticity comes from so many places. In order to be true to a character and a scene, you must identify the core.

I am your American Accent Coach
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Authentic American Accents are verbal nametags. They let others know who we are, where we’re from and so much more

Performing an authentic accent is more than “repeat after me”. There is a whole culture, history and rhythm happening behind the scenes that tells that helps the audience believe what they are seeing and hearing.

When you can connect who the character is on the surface with who they are at their core, you will find that natural rhythm and style that creates their authentic sound.

Dialect coaching for actors and creatives

The first step to identifying the correct dialect is starting with the Demographics. Location, age, gender…

  1. General American Accent
    The most common American accent and a fantastic starting place for an Authentic Sound.
  2. General Southern Accent
    Starting with a simple Southern Accent can be a great accent for period pieces.
  3. Black American Accents (AAVE)
    Black American Accents have a very wide range and can be quite confusing when the demographics are not clearly defined.
  4. General New England Accents
    Many say the New York accent is the hardest but it all comes down to knowing the correct sounds you need to study in the first place.

Student Testimonial. Authentic American Accent Training

it was very different to what I imagined, but like the Meisner training I think it was invaluable in understanding myself and my voice, i.e. going back to the basics and understanding speech and my voice and body as an instrument…

– Hersha Verity / Actress

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