It’s time for you to communicate with authenticity, to break free from the constraints of sounding robotic, insincere or immature.

Effective communication is a personalized and unique process, not a one-size-fits-all solution. I will guide you in finding and utilizing your authentic voice, rebuilding your confidence and honing your communication skills to suit your specific needs and goals.

“After 3 months of classes with Gracia, I became not only self confident in English, but self confident in general”

– Kristina Korepina / Talent Acquisition Partner


Received a callback after just 1 session!!

Working with Gracia was an amazing and eye opening experience, she was able to help me develop my American accent by first thinking about character, movement, and body. Primarily her approach was placing importance on the general ‘vibe’ and feeling of what it means to Be an American in terms of culture. This really helped me, in terms of remembering that accent was only one part of the equation. I ended up auditioning and getting a recall and I have Gracia to thank for this! I would highly recommend and lovely to work with.

Stephen Stallone Thomas

Actor – London

Client Testimonial

Communication is a fundamental aspect of human existence.

Regardless of one’s background or identity, we all have the innate ability to express ourselves in our native language to those around us. However, when our ability to communicate is hindered, it can be an overwhelming and frustrating experience. The thoughts and ideas may be present in our minds, but the connection between our brain and mouth seems to falter, preventing us from expressing ourselves. This can lead to feelings of inadequacy, isolation, and helplessness.

Communication is a fundamental aspect of human existence.

You have permission to Step away from the textbook.

Most language and dialect programs are taught from a technical perspective and may not fully prepare you for real-life situations such as spontaneous conversations with colleagues, job interviews, or public speaking.

Begin with what is on the surface

Understand how you/ your character present to the world will dramatically affect the outcome.

It is all a performance

On stage or in the office, your way of speaking is just a performance showcasing your best skills.

Authenticity is at the nexus of self and performance 

Finding that sweet spot can be a challenge, this is where I come in.

Authenticity is at the nexus of self and performance 

Take a step back and look at your needs/ goals/ objectives in a whole new way.

These areas of communication are not covered by generic textbook material, that is written by someone who has no knowledge or understanding of your personal background, career goals, or industry.

It’s not about learning something entirely new, it’s about taking control of your communication and making sure everything you’ve learned is tailored to your unique needs and goals. You have already accomplished so much, advancing your career and achieving great things. Now is not the time to doubt your own voice and abilities. It’s time to own your communication and confidently express yourself in any situation.

You already know exactly what you want to say. Don’t believe me? I’ll show you how…

…with a Crystal Clear vision on the exact goals you’re trying to achieve and identify roadblocks that are holding you back.

… to fully understand your unique communication style. No more repeating word for word from a textbook or a random google search…

…to always be prepared and ahead of the game. Know where to go, my job is to help you get there.

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Communication is like a string quartet and I am your conductor.

After 20 years in Office Administration, I have seen it all. My job is to guide you in the right direction and keep you moving forward.


Our first step is to Set the stage for your communication needs – we will  identify the exact goals you’re pursuing and create a tailor-made routine to get you across that finish line. Your unique communication needs are center stage.  

Step 3:

We will begin to assemble your new foundation with templates, scripts, cheat sheets and so much more. We know why, we know where we need to go, now let’s build a solid infrastructure so you can move up to the next level. 

Step 2:

Once we know where you’re going we can  organize your relevant resource Kit. I will show you how to clear out the clutter and leave you with a kit that is laser focused and easy to manage.

Step 4:

Regular check-ins are the key  to communication success. This is the time to Practice, Test & Edit. Your natural way of speaking evolves as you mature and advance your own education and career. English should evolve along with you.

The Checklist

Since we are all individual human beings, I find it so important to identify your unique communication needs. Sessions with me are far beyond the question and answer sessions. I will show you how to build the strength within yourself to overcome any confusion or frustration. 

My job is to hold your hand and guide you along your journey to leveling up your authentic communication. 

Your unique needs will be the focus so we will work together to create a plan that strengthens your one of a kind skills. 

When you’re speaking as your authentic self, you’re not thinking about what you’re supposed to say. You are listening, responding, commenting and contributing to a conversation as naturally as can be.  

Hey, Hey, Hello!

I’m Gracia Burns, I coach Business English and American Dialects to professionals and creatives all around the world. I work with individuals who are looking to take their communication skills to the next level.  While teaching abroad I realized my students were missing out on the most valuable information they were paying for, how to speak authentically. 

 After 30 years as a classical cellist and 20 years in office administration I know for a fact that Business English and performing aren’t one size fits all. While teaching abroad I quickly refocused my lesson plans and began asking students very direct questions about their jobs, their career paths and themselves. This was the key to unlocking their potential and advancing their communication skills. The textbooks were a starting point. But the real lessons were found in discovering who you are, not who a generic textbook says you should be. 

Gracia Burns

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What else we can do together?

Training programs, freebies, Business English Ebook, American accent training and so much more. My focus is on you and providing all of the things that encourage authentic communication.

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This is where you begin to assert control over your own communication.

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