Who else wants to sound Authentic, Clear and Confident instead of a robot, or worse a child?

I coach Professionals how to Level Up their communication skills in order to speak Clearly, Authentically and with Confidence

Gracia Burns

Hey there, Are you ready for some Coaching Outside of the Box? 

Communication authenticity comes in all shapes and sizes, which is why I have designed my training programs to help you find your true/ authentic voice. Using my musical background, I look at accent the same way I understand music and notes. 

There are multiple ways into authenticity. It doesn’t all come from one place. Our environment and communities shape how we interact with others around us.

 In order to be true to yourself, or the character you’re portraying, you must identify who and what is at the core. This is where you find authenticity.

It's time to start looking at communication in a whole new way!

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English Language Authenticity just got a lot easier!

English has been the International language for quite some time now. Many people around the world have studied English and are expanding their careers using their language skills. 

But what happens when you don’t feel like yourself when speaking English? One of the biggest issues is that people learn the language but they have lost their authenticity or the ability to articulate their thoughts in a clean and clear way. 

I absolutely hate hearing that people who have worked so hard to build impressive careers, feel as if they aren’t qualified to conduct meetings all because their English is lacking. 


Honestly so thorough, it’s so useful to really know and understand the text like this rather than hazarding a guess!

You’ve pointed out some words/phrases that I know I struggle with (little less being one of them), so I do know I need to practice those and can use the clicking techniques which really works for me!

Thank you so much also for the paper audit, really useful as I can go back and look at it. It honestly was so so useful, also really interesting to get positive feedback too, knowing you are in the right direction! 

Actress Testimonial
Stephanie Siadatan

"Our Accents are verbal nametags. They let others know who we are, where we're from and so much more" Gracia Burns

Performing an authentic accent is more than “repeat after me”. There is a whole culture, history and rhythm happening behind the scenes that tells that helps the audience believe what they are seeing and hearing.

When you can connect who the character is on the surface with who they are at their core, you will find that natural rhythm and style that creates their authentic sound.

Dialect coaching for actors and creatives

The Overnight American Accent

The first step to identifying the correct dialect is starting with the Demographics. Location, age, gender, etc..

If you’re telling yourself the accent just doesn’t make sense, or it’s too hard, or “I sound like a Disney Character”, there is probably a good reason. You might be focusing on the wrong part of the accent all together. 

Remember this simple equation Demographics + Mindset = Sound

That means when you identify who the character is on the surface and who they are at their core, the exact accent/ dialect naturally wants to follow along. 

Looking for help with the following dialects?

The most common American accent and a fantastic starting place for an Authentic Sound.

Starting with a simple Southern Accent can be a great accent for period pieces.

Black American Accents have a very wide range and can be quite confusing when the demographics are not clearly defined.

Many say the New York accent is the hardest but it all comes down to knowing the correct sounds you need to study in the first place.

I began working with Gracia early October 2021 when I required help with refining my American accent for a really important casting I had coming up. Working with Gracia was an amazing and eye opening experience, she was able to help me develop my American accent by first thinking about character, movement, and body. Primarily her approach was placing importance on the general ‘vibe’ and feeling of what it means to Be an American in terms of culture. This really helped me, in terms of remembering that accent was only one part of the equation. I ended up auditioning and getting a recall and I have Gracia to thank for this! I would highly recommend and lovely to work with.

Client Testimonial
Stephen Stallone Thomas

"The way I see it, Accents are just sounds and sounds are notes and notes are music." Gracia Burns

Hey, Hey, Hello!

I’m Gracia Burns,  authenticity isn’t a one size fits all type of thing. Looking at accents and language from a different perspective can make a huge difference in how you are able to understand and perform any dialect with confidence. 

For me, looking at language and accents from a musical perspective helps me to slow down and focus on the individual aspects of the way we all communicate.