Hey there, I’m Gracia, I’d like to show you a completely new way to Communicate Authentically

Gracia Burns

Join me on this journey, hand in hand, as we navigate communication together, one step at a time.

I promise,  you don’t need to prove how smart you are, the right people already know. You don’t need to second guess yourself, the answers are already in you. And I can guarantee that you’re not the first, last or only person struggling to feel authentic and confident when speaking professionally. 

in 2016 I moved to Hamburg, Germany and something really unexpected and surprising happened, I completely stopped speaking in public. I was afraid to get it wrong. You see, I know what it’s like to speak a foreign language in another country and suddenly feel like I’ve lost the capacity to understand a kindergarteners level of speech. 

That’s when I had my big AHa moment. I realized the problem is that I wasn’t speaking as myself. I was regurgitating practiced words and phrases from training materials that were created by a team of experts who would never know I exist.

20 years of Office administrative experience

Using 2 decades of research, I can show you how to Communicate Authentically.

After 20 years of office administration, studying music, graphic design and starting a few very small businesses (what’s smaller than a micro business?). I was able to take all of this unique experience and share it with my amazing students while living abroad. 

Very quickly I realized something fascinating and a bit scary at the same time. Everyone is asking for Business English lessons but no one is explaining that Business English isn’t a one size fits all sort of thing. 

Nearly 20 years of corporate America, State level government and countless private companies, has taught me that No one speaks Business English authentically the way it’s taught in the textbook. 

You’re not doing it wrong, you’ve been led down the wrong path by mistake. 

This also led me to teaching American accents. Short story, students asked how to pronounce certain words, and I told them. But that led to a much deeper conversation of why does this person pronounce it this way and another person a different way. 20 years of office work and people watching really paid off at this point. 

It’s all about demographics. We can dive into that later, but for now, just understand that we all have our own unique and beautiful way of communicating and as I love to say It’s Art not Science.

I guide international professionals and creatives to shift their mindset in order to effectively express themselves in English, enabling them to experience greater success and fulfillment in their careers and personal lives.

I do this by showing them how to step away from the textbook and technical training and look at their communication from a more holistic perspective.

My Mission ———————-

To show you where to find that sweet spot between your True Self and the Performance.

My Mission, To show you where to find that sweet  spot between your True Self and the Performance.

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Actress Testimonial



Honestly so thorough, it’s so useful to really know and understand the text like this rather than hazarding a guess!

It honestly was so so useful, also really interesting to get positive feedback too, knowing you are in the right direction!

– Stephanie Siadatan

Actress – London

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