Authentic communication shouldn’t be the thing holding you back from success.

Business English

Business English isn’t a one size fits all sort of thing. Taking your communication to the next step starts with identifying your exact needs.

Let’s bust the myth of Business English together.

American Accent

American Dialect training for creatives, artists, actors and language learner.

Have you ever tried a musicians approach to perfecting an American accent?

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Are you ready to find Focus, Clarity and Confidence to speak Business English and American Accents?

If you started your communication Journey and you’re not sure what to do, how to say it or if you’re even saying it right, it might be time to take a different approach.

You see it everyday, the people who seem to just get it without trying too hard. Maybe you’ve even wondered if they know something you don’t know.

Accents are just a series of sounds, sounds are just notes, and notes are music. Take a look at Authentic accents the same way you listen to different genres of music. Each style has their own sound and their own set of rules. Accents are exactly the same.

Client Testimonial

Working with Gracia was an amazing and eye opening experience, she was able to help me develop my American accent by first thinking about character, movement, and body. Primarily her approach was placing importance on the general ‘vibe’ and feeling of what it means to Be an American in terms of culture.

– Stephen Stallone-Thomas / Actor


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