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Are you feeling lost with your American Accent?

First step, Focus on the Sounds and not the Words

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How to find Focus, Clarity and Confidence to speak in an Authentic American Accent?

If you started your American Accent Journey and you’re not sure what to do, how to say it or if you’re even saying it right, it might be time to take a different approach.

You see it everyday, “[Insert Famous Actor] has landed a role in a huge film speaking in a Flawless American Accent”. Are you still asking yourself how they can do it and you can’t?

Accents are just a series of sounds, sounds are just notes, and notes are music. Take a look at Authentic accents the same way you listen to different genres of music. Each style has their own sound and their own set of rules. Accents are exactly the same.

The Camera Ready Challenge

If you’re looking at the whole spectrum of American accents as your resource bank, you’re bound to get overwhelmed.

Coaching Outside Of The Box is all about showing you a whole new way to access the sounds available within your own instrument. It’s not about learning every single accent out there, it’s about finding the right sounds for you!

Client Testimonial

Working with Gracia was an amazing and eye opening experience, she was able to help me develop my American accent by first thinking about character, movement, and body. Primarily her approach was placing importance on the general ‘vibe’ and feeling of what it means to Be an American in terms of culture.

– Stephen Stallone-Thomas / Actor

Finding your way can be a challenge.

Everyone has different needs which is why you have different options to get you going in the right direction.

There is no “One Size Fits All” Approach to perfecting your Authentic American Accent.

Get started with an FREE Accent Tuning Session

Do you know your accent range? Are you feeling unsure of where to begin? Your agent wants you to take on more American accent roles but you’re not quite confident enough to submit the self tape. What do you do?

Let’s chat about your needs, requirements and goals and get you moving in the right direction.

The Authentic Accent Routine

With the Authentic Accent Routine there’s no need to stress about those last minute auditions or presentations. You’ll learn how to improve your accent one day at a time and build the muscle memory to stun everyone with your authenticity and confidence.

Many creatives struggle to find a daily practice routine, which is why you now have a Monthly Routine already mapped out just for you. This Routine takes you on a journey to improve your skills daily, weekly and monthly.

A one time payment of $27 and life time access to The Authentic Accent App.

The Accent Audit

Ever wish someone could just listen to your accent and tell you what you did wrong or what needs improving? No need to guess anymore. Send in your self Tape with Confidence.

How it works:

  • Step 1 After you purchase your Accent Audit, you will send me a video clip of you performing your American accent. This can be in the form of a Self Tape or just something you are practicing. Any format is acceptable (i.e. any video sharing service)
  • Step 2 Once I receive the video I will audit your performance based on my 3 Pillars of Authenticity. I will record a video response with step by step explanation and examples on how to adjust any sounds/mistakes
  • Step 3 Within 48 hours you will receive a video audit and pdf with detailed notes.

Only $50 for your very own personalized Accent Audit.

Receive results within 48 hours.

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The 6 Week Transformation Program

Your body is your instrument that can be tuned to access many different accents and dialects. In order to find the exact sounds needed, you have to know how to tune the individual notes that make up your desired accent. Take a deep dive into the 3 Pillars of Authenticity and discover the true abilities of your very own instrument.

$550 for 6 weeks of private 1:1 Sessions

The Program Includes:

  • 6 Private 1:1 Coaching Sessions
  • Weekly Coaching Videos in the Authentic Accent App
  • Worksheets
  • The Monthly Routine
  • 3 Accent Audits

See What Others Have To Say

The Accent Audit is truly a simple and helpful tool to get you moving in the right direction.

Gracia’s audit of my American accent and the feedback video she provided, was fantastic! I enjoy playing around with the accent but had no real idea if it sounded authentic or natural in any way, so have not really had the confidence to try it in a professional context. Gracia’s assessment and brilliantly helpful hints and tips on my pronunciation of specific sounds/words has already helped my confidence tremendously


Lindsey-Anne Barnes

Actress/ Manchester

It’s been really helpful for me to think about relaxing my jaw, Your notes were very clear and specific about The difference between the Spanish and the American sounds, and listening to the melody you were doing while going through the lines has given me more light about how to deliver the message… and play with the acting!


Vanessa Castro

Actress/ Barcelona

Honestly so thorough, it’s so useful to really know and understand the text like this rather than hazarding a guess! You’ve pointed out some words/phrases that I know I struggle with (little less being one of them), so I do know I need to practice those and can use the clicking techniques which really works for me! It honestly was so so useful, also really interesting to get positive feedback too, knowing you are in the right direction! 

Actress Testimonial

Stephanie Siadatan

Actress/ London

Refund Policy

Satisfaction is a top priority which is why refunds are taken very seriously. Each service is designed to provide results over time. If you are unsatisfied with any service, you may request a full refund after 14 days.


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